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Easily Tell Stories That Command Attention, Communicate Your Value, And Press The Emotional Hot Buttons Necessary For Your Audience To Invest In Your Offers…

…Regardless of how big or small your following is.

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Our beloved Alex Mullan is a great overall storyteller who can look at a cup of coffee and come away with a piece [of writing] that’ll draw you in before you realize what’s happening.

John Romaniello

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Roman Fitness Systems

From the monthly issues of the Sorcerers Guild to our monthly chats, I’ve dramatically improved my ability to craft vivid stories, pulling my audience into each email, article, and sales page. Even better, emails and content creation that used to take hours now comes to mind at the drop of a hat, saving me hours of time per month while generating more leads, sales, and happy clients.

Eric Bach

Sorcerers Guild and Email Imagery 2.0 Apprentice

I like working with you because you don’t teach fucking gimmicks or shove a system down my throat.

Joe Nissim

Watched By A Wizard Apprentice

Alex Mullan is many things: A Canadian. An espresso connoisseur. A gentleman with rather large and bulbous thighs.

But above all that, he’s an excellent writer.

Alex is one of the few people I’ve met who claim to be able to write engagingly and persuasively, who actually deliver on this.

Mike Samuels

The Coffeeshop Copywriter who has generated over 160 million dollars for his clients

I always thought I was pretty good at writing entertaining and persuasive sales emails, but reading Alex’s emails every day had me wondering what I was missing. I could tell he was doing something I wasn’t. So in late 2018, I invested in learning from him personally. In four weeks, everything changed. Since completing his Email Imagery course and working with Alex one-on-one, I’ve used what I’ve learned to watch my profits grow month after month.

Tara Fitness

Sorcerers Guild, Email Imagery 2.0, and Watched By A Wizard Apprentice

Dear Apprentice,

If you’re on the fence about swapping your email address in exchange for a free digital version of the April 2018 Sorcerers Guild print newsletter, here’s a little more about what’s inside the issue:

  • The ins and outs of monetizing your email list using unique, entertaining, consistent messages, no matter the size, even if you’ve only just landed your first email subscriber
  • How to maximize your open rates by using nothing more than two types of subject lines that will have your readers practically begging to read every one of your emails that hits their inbox.
  • The godsent ability to write with impact, clearly communicate your message, and build an everlasting relationship with an audience of people who will happily buy from you over and over and over again.




How To Unlock “Bottomless Storytelling”


(Beginning on page 20, I’ll show you the most powerful types of stories to share with your audience, where to find inspiration for them, as well as the specific kinds of stories to keep an eye out for).

And that ain’t all…


  • If you scroll down to page 10 of your free issue, I’ll share with you how to tell effective, impactful stories that bond your audience to you, and make them WANT to buy from you.
  • I’m going to reveal my MAGIC Storyselling templates for crafting powerful emails, content, and, well, writing that shifts beliefs, removes objections, and compels your audience to invest in you.

But, most importantly, you’re going to learn…

How To Separate Yourself From Your Competition (Even if They Have A Legion Of Loony Fans) By Building An Audience Of People Who Are Ready To Buy Whatever You Create Simply By Sharing Messages That Are Unique To You.

Honestly, this particular issue is one of my favourites. The positive feedback I received on it was immense, and indicative of my best work—which is why I want you to have it for free, so long as you promise to read, reread, and apply what’s inside.

If you follow the MAGIC Storyselling template and use the “Bottomless Storyselling” information when writing your emails and content, you’ll never have to worry about producing shitty, boring, uninspired writing.

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